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The discovery that kills its creator

This is the seventh invention that kills its creator - We all know that technology will be able to give us all the convenience that we need, but if not used properly can so we will instead of our own loss as 7 following the discovery that kills its creator is. Here is a list of seven famous figures who died due to the results of his own invention, of course not me who made ​​up this story because this story really 'real' thing that ever happened where a discovery could harm the creator. To find out more please read the list of seven characters who die because of his own invention below:

1. James Heselden
On 26 September 2010, James Heselden, the owner of a British company Hesco Bastion, a company that produces the Segway, died from riding two-wheeled vehicle that. According to eyewitnesses, the 62-year-old man fell off the Segway and slipping into the abyss depth of 30 feet, until finally his body and Segway are found in the river, near his home in West Yorkshire, England.

Ironically, this tragic accident just hose the day before the announcement of a study that revealed an increasing number of cases of injuries due to accidents Segway, the majority of victims are the new Segway riders who have not experienced.

2. Harry Houdini

Who is not familiar with this famous magician. Harry Houdini, not a magician who uses traditional methods. He is famous for its various tricks genius that he created. However, it turns Houdini died of appendicitis disease because of physical tricks to show off his fans. Before starting a show, reportedly two students asked Houdini to demonstrate the tricks of physical strength, ie, absorbing blows posted on his upper body without getting hurt.

Due to obey the request, diseases of the appendix which has diidap Houdini increasingly inflamed and worse. On October 31, 1926, Houdini who was then aged 52, died from the appendix operation failed. Houdini was buried laid on the box where he usually famous trick illusion: "buried alive (buried alive)".
3. Marie Curie

Thanks to his invention, Marie Curie became the first female Nobel Prize winners as well be the first to win two Nobel awards at once. However, Curie also a victim of its own discoveries and experiments: a radioactive element. Marie found two radioactive elements radium and polonium. He was zealous use of radon, a gas generated by the element radium, to cure diseases for wounded soldiers in the first world war.

Later, it was discovered that radon has a deadly side. After a long time interacting with the deadly element, his health continued to decline slowly. Finally Curie died on July 4, 1934, at the age of 66 years. He died of aplastic anemia, a condition in which the bone marrow no longer produces new blood cells. Today the medical world record as a result of radiation exposure.
4. Thomas Andrews

Wreck of the Titanic on the Atlantic seabed UtaraThomas Andrews is one of the architects of the Titanic, from Ireland who was then aged 39 years. As a shipbuilder in charge of escorting ships besutannya, Andrews participated in the inaugural journey of the Titanic. On 15 April 1912, finally, to the end, Thomas was 'accompanying' death was a big ship with the passenger

5. Horace Lawson Hunley
Hunley was a legislator, lawyer, engineer at the U.S. marinirbagi confederate soldiers. And his famous discovery is: submarines, which are used in the civil war the United States. However, when the discovery of Hunley did not have adequate safety standards for humans. Five of the nine men submarine at the time, died in the prime dive mission.

On October 15, 1863, Hunley himself eventually took part in the second test, ie, with the mission of blocking the attack against the Union in Charleston Harbour. In this second trial, all the crew including the Hunley submarine who was then aged 40 years, died.

Confederate soldiers managed to take a dive wreck and improve this submarine. In the third trial, the submarine finally managed to sink a ship owned by the Union.

Unfortunately, that success can not be celebrated by the crew, considering that in the end the submarine suddenly sank with all crew. After missing for 132 years, finally Hunley's body was found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, near Charleston Harbor.

6. Alexander Bogdanov

Not many know this name. However, the findings are very important to the world of medicine: blood transfusion. Bogdanov, who is also an economist, professor, doctor, and founder of Bolshevism, trying to provide continuous blood transfusions.

In 1928, Bogdanov managed transfusion testing this tool is in itself of up to 11 bags. However, the 12th turned out to be fatal, Bogdanov and then died. The researchers divided about the cause of death was 55 years old scientist. Some say he was exposed to blood infections, blood type inkompatibitas, or even suicide.

7. William Bullock

William Bullock was a man born in New York, in 1813, who discovered the rotary printing press equipment. This tool works by rotating the paper roll pressing it continuously.

The story of the growing legend, and then mentions Bullock was accidentally attracted by his spin machine. Her feet hurt by this machine. Later the man who was then aged 54 years, have an infection and shortly afterwards he died with his leg that had rotted.
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