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How to create a blog on weebly.com

How to create a blog on weebly.com
This is just as an example only. You can create a blog name your own liking

  1. Open site http://www.weebly.com/ in your Internet browser.
  2. In the Username box enter "aufa-rizqi".
  3. In the Password box enter "1234567".
  4. Click to select the "I accept the terms of service" box.
  5. Click the "Sign Up" button.
  6. Enter a Title for your blog: "About aufa rizqi" and click "Continue"
  7. Select Option A (Subdomain of weebly.com) and enter: "aufa-rizqi"
  8. On the next page you will see how your blog will look.
  9. Select the "Paragraph with Title" icon and drag it to the page.

  10. In the Title box enter: "About aufa rizqi"
  11. Click on "Paragraph. Click here to edit." and enter few sentences about you, who you are, what you are doing, what country you live, about your family and friends.

    Now, the most important part, where the money comes from:

  12. On the next line type your signature like: "aufa rizqi" (it can be any other name or sentence).
  13. Then select this signature and click the "Create Link" button.

  14. Select "Website" and in the box enter the following address: http://fast2earn.com/-63105.htm
    This link has your unique affiliate id. When somebody clicks on this link, money comes to your account.

  15. Click the "Save" button.
Your blog is ready. Click the "PUBLISH" button.

Then you need to make your blog picked up by search engines.

  1. Open site http://pingomatic.com in your Internet browser.
  2. In the "Blog Name" box enter "About aufa rizqi"
  3. In the "Blog Home Page" box enter "http://aufa-rizqi.weebly.com"
  4. Then in "Common Services" click "Check All" to have all services be selected.
  5. Then click the "Send Pings" button.
  6. Open site http://autopinger.com in your Internet browser.
  7. In the "Url" box enter "http://aufa-rizqi.weebly.com"
  8. Then click the "Start Ping" button.
  9. Open site http://www.pingmyblog.com in your Internet browser.
  10. In the "Blog Name" box enter "About aufa rizqi"
  11. In the "Blog URL" box enter "http://aufa-rizqi.weebly.com"
  12. Then click "Check All" to have all services be selected.
  13. Then click "I agree with Terms Of Service".
  14. Then click the "Ping MY Blog" button.
  15. Open site http://www.feedping.com in your Internet browser.
  16. In the "Blog / Site Name:" box enter "About aufa rizqi"
  17. In the "Blog / Site URL " box enter "http://aufa-rizqi.weebly.com"
  18. Then click "Check All" to have all services be selected.
  19. Then click "I agree to Terms of Service".
  20. Then click the "PING ONLY ONCE" button.
  21. Open site http://blogsearch.google.com/ping in your Internet browser.
  22. In the "Your blog's address:" box enter "http://aufa-rizqi.weebly.com"
  23. Then click the "Submit Blog" button.
  24. Open site http://pingler.com in your Internet browser.
  25. In the "Website Name or Title:" box enter "About aufa rizqi"
  26. In the "Website Url:" box enter "http://aufa-rizqi.weebly.com"
  27. Then enter text in the captcha image in "Enter the Captcha Text" box.
  28. Then click the "Ping My Site" button.
Now visitors will read you blog and when someone of them clicks on link our server knows that this visitor comes from you.

You will be rewarded for every new visitor comes from your blog.

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