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Copas of the story of a friend ..... To ponder ....

This afternoon, accidentally, I met two super-human. They are small creatures, thin, worn mixed with the sweat. Precisely on the bridge crossing Setia Budi, two small figure was about eight years peddle tissue with a black plastic bag containers. When crossing for lunch they offered me a tissue at the end of the bridge, with typical arrogance of people in Jakarta I just raised his hands wide open without a smile that rewarded them with a politely by saying, "Thank you Uncle!" I still do not realize their glory and just began to open up a little smile as he nodded toward them.

Small legs they crawl the other lanes on the bridge, men greet one another with a fixed style as a little boy full of joy, the man that was rejected in a style similar to mine, again I heard a faint utterance thank you from their little mouths. Black bag where tissue stock their merchandise sits in a corner of the bridge was hit by wind patter Jakarta. I passed him with a glance toward the bag, two-thirds filled with white tissue wrapped in transparent plastic.

Half an hour later I passed the same place and found they were getting a buyer of a woman, a smile on their face looks as if split develops cloudy Jakarta sky was blanketed.

"Thank ya ... all two thousand five hundred dollars!" They said, no longer the woman reached into her bag and pulled out the sum of ten thousand dollars.

"Sorry, there's no money right there ... the change did not ya?" They handed me back the money. The woman shook her head, then quickly the smaller-bodied children who came up to me who was watching the three of them at a distance of four meters.

"Oom may not change money, change ten thousand?" His voice was reminiscent of my boys their age. I dug a little stunned pants pocket and found only food court returned the remaining money for four thousand dollars. "I do not have!", I said. Then before long the woman said "Keep the change, little bro!" As he turned and continued on toward the east end.

This boy gasped, he grabbed my money four thousand and ten thousand replace it with the money and put it into my hand that was still stopped, then he pursued the woman to give money had four thousand dollars. The woman was shocked, half-shouted he said "It is for you alone, do not just take anything .. anything!", But they insisted on returning the money. "Sorry sis, there are only four thousand, come this way again later when I return!"

Eventually the money was received by the woman because the baby go away. Stay me and their episodes. Money ten thousand in my hand is certainly not entirely mine. They approached me and said "Uncle, can wait yes, I went downstairs to exchange money into a motorcycle!"

"Eeh ... do not have to ... do not have to ...!" I love the money to your child, he received it, but kept running under the bridge down a fairly steep staircase leading to the collection of motorcycle taxi drivers. I want to move forward but was stopped by the other boy, "Wait a minute Om, let me briefly exchanged before ...."

"It's okay, it's for you" I continued. "Do not ... do not oom, it's the same oom money ya that was also" the boy insisted. "It is my sincere ..., sis was also surely sincere!", I tried to return, but he was blocking me for a moment and ran to the end of the bridge shouted for his friends to be fast.

Quick as a flash he also grabbed the black plastic bag and ran toward me. Om this, that over time, sorry .. ". He gave me eight-pack of tissue. "Why?", I was stunned "Out of my old friends still oom, sorry, exchange disposable tissue once wrote". Although he still refused to return.

I am face to face, feelings of guilt appeared on his face flush. I lost the set, he remained staunchly closed meeting tissuenya black plastic bag. A few moments I stood there, until the child has been returned to the grip of ten thousand pennies, and took tissue from my hand and give the money four thousand dollars. "Thank you Uncle!" .. They went back to the end of the bridge with a faint distant sounding conversation, "Money .. how ya been?" Another little voice said, "You know the right people, when we return ... see you again ....".

The conversation was faint faint away, I was shocked and returned to office with a thousand feelings. Lord, today I learned from two superhuman strength of their personalities made me conquer Jakarta sank, they were clad in shabby clothes but the heart and the glory as smooth as silk, they know their rights and the rights of others, they try not to ask for ask for a trade tissue.

Two small children who have not even maturity, have their glory in such a young age. Honesty is the currency accepted everywhere. What does not belong to us, never to take.
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